What are eyelash extensions?

A classic lash extension is the placement of a single semi-permanent synthetic lash to each individual lash that you have. Volume lash extensions are the application of multiple lashes called a fan, to each individual eyelash. 

Lash Extensions come in different lengths and curls allowing complete customization for each client. Lash extensions are placed to give the client enhancement of length, fullness, curliness and tint. On average a person has about 90-150 lashes on each upper lid.

During a full set application, each healthy lash will have a synthetic lash placed on it. To ensure maximum fullness and length the application of a full set of lashes takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on your lash density. 

How Do I Maintain My Lashes?

After the initial full set it is necessary to schedule fills every 2-3 weeks to replace the lashes that are shed since your last appointment. Waiting longer than 3 weeks will require a full set application time. Fill appointments will take approximately 1-2 hours depending on how many lashes have been shed. 

Lash Extensions shed naturally with your growth cycle shedding 3-5 lashes from each eye everyday. The longevity of lash extensions will also depend on the clients lifestyle. If lashes aren't being cleansed properly daily makeup and natural oils will buildup on lashes. If too much buildup is left on lashes it will weight them down, weakening the adhesive bond and causing them to shed faster. Weather or season change can also affect your shedding rate, along with your natural lash growth cycle. 

Can Eyelash Extensions Be Removed?

Yes, lash extensions can be removed, but only by a professional. Attempting to remove extensions improperly by ones self will increase the risk of damage and premature lash loss. You should make sure to never rub or pick at your extensions. 

There are many reasons why lash removal is useful.  You may decide lash extensions aren't for you or you may experience sensitivity and irritation. 

Lash extension removal is also a great option when you would no longer like to receive lash extension services, but don't want to wait for all the extensions to shed naturally. Lash extension removal takes around an hour and a half. A gel or cream based remover will be applied to weaken and break the adhesive bond and will allow extensions to be removed painlessly from natural lashes. 

How Should I Arrive At My Appointment?

Clients should show up to their appointment free of makeup and oil based lotion or products, especially around the eye. Any makeup residue will not allow the extensions to properly attach and last on lashes. 

Lashes cannot get wet or be in steam for the first 24-48hrs. It is recommended to come showered with hair washed to appointment.

If you wear contact lenses please wear your glasses on the day of.  Fumes from adhesives can get trapped under the contacts causing irritation. 

It is also recommended that you should wear comfortable clothing and expect to lay still for 1-3 hours.  Avoiding caffeine is important to prevent eyes from fluttering and to allow you to completely relax and enjoy your lash nap.